Architekt D.I.FH.Thomas Abendroth

Born in 1960, graduated in 1987, started his own practice in 1993. Independent officially accredited architect since 2003. Passive House planner, accredited Kima:aktiv planner, accredited "Building for Comfort and Security" planner. Vice president of innovative gebäude Vienna/Lower Austria community of interest.

Architecture as a cultural contribution is a reaction to the ever-changing environment. An integral approach that combines new building technology, functionality and architectural quality with social and ecological aspects is the central focus of the office.

Michael Klauser D.I. Michael Klauser

Born in 1971, graduated in 2001

Independent officially accredited architect since 2006

Foreign experience: Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2004

Since june 2008 in Atelier Abendroth
Bálint Rudi

Dipl. Ing. Bálint Rudi

Born in 1984, graduated in 2011

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

since july 2013 in Atelier Abendroth

Karola-Maria Gump

BSc. Karola-Maria Gump

born in 1990

actual studies: landscapearchitecture and -planning at the University of Lifescience Vienna

since october 2013 in Atelier Abendroth