What is "building for security and comfort"?

Barrierfree constructing

Barrierefreies Bauen

Space as a field of experience of senses can encourage or hinder growth, facilitate or oppress learning. Optimal spatial conditions can support individual development as well as educational advancement. ...


Bauen für Geborgenheit - Kindergärten

Small spaces create comfort and security because they are designed to the proportions of children. There is however enough room for children, their parents and instructors can be active. Interior installations lower the noise level. ...


Bauen für Geborgenheit - Schulen

The Würzburger model tries to once again, and this time in the context of school and educational assistance, open our eyes to the connection between form and content. Here we are shown how smartly designed spaces can facilitate pedagogic goals and also how a classroom can contribute to ...

Senior care facility

Bauen für Geborgenheit - Altenheime

Barrier free planning, or equal (entrance) possibilities for all, has to be of course part of our considerations. In senior homes or care facilities such considerations are compulsory ...

More than just barrier free, the Würzburger model